Electric “Bombardment” Treatment Cures Black Eye (Dec, 1936)

I really hope Dr. Titus didn’t create this for his wife…

Electric “Bombardment” Treatment Cures Black Eye

A DISFIGURING, and sometimes embarrassing black eye can be removed in less than one hour by the use of a new static machine that “bombards” the eye with electricity. The electric treatment is painless.

The static device, as explained by Dr. Norman Titus, New York City physiotherapist, consists of a simple negative and positive electrode. The patient holds the negative electrode while the attending physician “aims” the positive electrode at the discolored optic.

The electric “bombardment” by the static machine breaks up the coagulated blood. This allows the capillary system to resume a free flow and carry away the discoloration.

  1. Hirudinea says: June 29, 201110:26 am

    And for a modest extra fee the Doctor will touch the positive electrode to your head for an electroshock treatment so you’ll stop getting into fights in the first place. 🙂

  2. Neil Russell says: June 30, 20118:23 am

    If only she’d thought to take the thing home and pop hubby with it instead of getting a shiner she could be regarded as the “mother of the modern taser”

  3. Hirudinea says: June 30, 20113:17 pm

    A woman back then would never do such a thing, what the heck do you think frying pans were for!

  4. Pat Flannery says: June 30, 201111:20 pm

    The thing that’s disturbing about all this is seems to suggest that women getting black eyes was a fairly common occurrence at the time.
    You would like to think that once FDR came in and the speakeasies shut down, flapper vs. flapper fistfights would have pretty much ended. 😉

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