Electric Cattle Prod (Jan, 1936)

Caption: “Get along little piggie, get along” sings this driver as he applies his electric driving rod. The piggie gets a jolt that moves him along on the double, but he is hurt in no way.

It’s Shocking, But Pigs Do Behave

Reluctant pigs and cows, and even stubborn mules respond to the touch of a new instrument designed to facilitate driving live stock up the loading chute.

The device made on the order of the familiar stock yards cane is tipped with two rounded metal projections which release a sharp jolt of electricity when applied to the hide of the animal. The startled creature though injured in no way, steps up the chute in lively fashion after one application. Pocket batteries supply the power.

  1. cattle prod says: April 3, 20105:50 am

    […] a touch on the backside with a cattle prodder to get them off their butts and actually do …Electric Cattle Prodfrom Modern Mechanix – Jan, 1936I need to hire a Sikh with a cattle prod | Sense of Adventure… to […]

  2. connie says: July 29, 201010:32 am

    Yeah but if your kid was being lazy and didnt want to go to school (or its death or something in the pigs case) you wouldnt electricute it would you? OR would you…

  3. Firebrand38 says: July 29, 201010:53 am

    connie: Seeing as how the definition of (the properly spelled) electrocute is “to kill with electricity” neither scenario you suggest applies. But thanks for playing.

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