“Electric Jewelry” for Milady (Dec, 1932)

“Electric Jewelry” for Milady

NOW comes an electric light bulb to displace glowing pearls from earrings! The photograph shows a young woman apparently wearing a large pearl earring, but in reality it is a midget electric bulb run from tiny batteries concealed in ornamental coils around it. The bulb is frosted to produce a soft light. It is particularly effective in contrast with dark hair.

  1. Blurgle says: November 29, 20077:57 pm

    I wonder how long “Milady” could wear it until the thing fell apart.

  2. jayessell says: November 30, 20079:57 am

    This and the previous article use the word “midget”.

    Too bad we can’t use that word today!

  3. nlpnt says: November 30, 20072:53 pm

    I would guess at about a two-hour battery life.

    Today, of course, you could do this with LEDs and watch batteries, each earring self-contained and for under $10 a pair, but I’m not sure how many females over the age of twelve would wear them.

  4. Blurgle says: November 30, 20073:39 pm

    I’d rather have the wireless network detector T-shirt.

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