Electric Piano Is a One-Man Orchestra (Jul, 1939)

Electric Piano Is a One-Man Orchestra

Musical tones almost identical with those produced by a piano, harpsicord, oboe, violin, trumpet, French horn, and other instruments are created by an amazing electric piano recently invented by Laurens Hammond, of New York City. Fitted with a single keyboard of seventy-two-keys, which are operated exactly like those of a piano, the electric orchestra contains no pipes, reeds, strings, hammers, or other vibrating parts, but produces its tones solely through a circuit of tuned vacuum tubes. These tones are varied over a wide range by means of simple controls mounted on a panel above the keyboard. Volume of sound is controlled accurately by a foot pedal.

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  1. Orv says: November 7, 200712:30 pm

    This is actually the first commercially-produced analog synthesizer. Quite an amazing device — Hammond was really thinking outside of the box to come up with this in 1938. Here’s some more info:

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