Electric Pony Bucks and Trots (Jan, 1932)

I wonder if they installed it outside the Piggly Wiggly.

Electric Pony Bucks and Trots
A NEW entertainment device which holds lots of fun for the youngsters is an electrical pony invented by Otto Hahs, a mechanic of Sikeston, Mo. The pony is operated by electricity and is set in motion by depositing a nickel in a slot in the neck of the beast. The pony lopes, trots and bucks, the rider regulating the gait with the bridle reins, to suit his tastes.

  1. Jim says: June 14, 20091:17 pm

    I’m looking for parts for electric ponies. I have several and want to refurbish them.

  2. Toronto says: June 14, 200911:48 pm

    Jim- people like you make the world go ’round. I used to LOVE the nickle ponies, and especially remember one outside Woolworths’s in Sudbury. Best of luck!

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