Electric Razor Brushes Teeth (Jun, 1939)

Electric Razor Brushes Teeth
Toothbrush and razor, both electrically operated, are now available in a single unit just placed on the market. The body of the device is a small, oblong container housing an electric motor that draws current through an extension cord plugged into a wall outlet. Either a rotating brush for cleaning the teeth, or a cutting mechanism for shaving, may be inserted in the working head, which is connected to the motor unit by means of a flexible shaft.

  1. Stannous says: January 24, 20077:46 pm

    that rotary brush looks a lot like the Braun electric brush.

    (The cover looks like a strange version of water polo)

  2. MAKE: Blog says: January 25, 20075:35 am

    Maker made transportation, sea batteries, shoe torture tests and more from the past……

    Look in to the future, from the past… a few maker-like projects from Modern Mechanix…. Neighborhood Streamliner (Jun, 1950) – Link. Batteries of Robots Scoop Power From Sea With Shovels (May, 1934) – Link. Torture Tests Tell The Truth (Sep,……

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