Electric Shovel is Mechanical MONSTER (Apr, 1933)

Electric Shovel is Mechanical MONSTER

A NEW monster in the mechanical world has made its appearance in the form of an electric excavation shovel of almost incredibly gigantic dimensions.

Shown above, the shovel has a dipper that will scoop up 18 cubic yards of dirt at one sweep, and will dig enough in a 24-hour day to fill 7,500 motor trucks of 4 yards each. A seven-passenger car can be driven through the dipper with room to spare.

The enormous reach of the shovel is illustrated in the fact that it can pick up a dipper full of earth, rotate, and dump it 200 feet away on the top of a seven-story building.

  1. george says: February 3, 20096:11 am

    Look at the name on the side of the machine. Did anyone else read about Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne when they were little?

  2. Torgo says: February 3, 200911:36 pm

    Later, the Jawas bought it for their own uses.

  3. Randy says: February 4, 20095:57 pm

    Years later the Marion Power Shovel Company built NASA’s crawler transporters.

  4. Toronto says: February 4, 200910:17 pm

    George: I did! Had it on an LP, too, with several other stories.

    I still think of it every time I see the little powershovel/bulldozer finishing off the ramp they use to get the BIG shovel out of the hole, then digging itself out (usually helped by a crane.)

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