Electric Tractors (Sep, 1936)

The key to a good electric tractor is to sup-supply the current.

Electric Tractors

THE Soviet Union increasingly widens the application of electric power to agriculture. The large network of electric power stations has made it possible to use electricity in running tractors, and other agricultural machines.

The photo shows an electric caterpillar tractor. Above the tractor cabin is mounted a drum for the cable that sup-supplies the current.

  1. Hirudinea says: February 19, 20139:14 am

    The old joke is, “I would never buy an electric car, where would I get a big enough extension cord”, seems like Comrade Stalin solved that problem! (And if you criticize the cord you get an all expenses paid trip to the Gulag.)

  2. Stephen says: February 20, 20133:27 am

    I suspect this – like so much in Stalin’s Russia – was got up for propaganda purposes to bamboozle passing journalists.

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