Electricity Is Chef In White House (Dec, 1935)

Electricity Is Chef In White House

GONE are the old style ranges which formerly browned the presidential turkey, and when President Roosevelt, family and guests are seated about their Thanksgiving table they will be served a banquet such as the venerable White House has never seen before.

In place of the gleaming black stoves there will be sleek, stainless metal, all-electric ranges embodying the latest features known to science. The turkey and pumpkin pie will be browned to a turn by robot chefs, while the real chefs are left free to practice their art without fear of the stove’s over-heating.
By Thanksgiving the entire kitchen will be remodeled on a scale second to none in the country. Once more the First Lady will have the First Kitchen of the Land.

  1. Jim Dunn says: December 17, 20078:54 am

    Disgusting. Just disgusting. Cooking with electricity. Haven’t these people heard of inexpensive, clean-burning propane?

    Hank Rutherford Hill,
    Asst. Manager, Strickland Propane

  2. Charlie says: December 17, 200710:00 am

    At least it’s not charcoal. After all, you want to taste the meat, not the heat 🙂

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