Electricity Records Fencing Hits (Nov, 1939)

Electricity Records Fencing Hits

Even the ancient sport of fencing has been “wired for sound!’ Contestants in a recent match in England were equipped with trailing wires connected to an electrical apparatus that rang a bell and flashed lights when one fencer’s foil made contact with a vulnerable spot on his opponent. The idea was first tried out at the match between Oxford and Cambridge Universities and made a great hit with fencers and spectators alike.

  1. Some things never change... says: September 22, 20111:44 am

    […] things never change… I got this from Leon Paul on Facebook. http://blog.modernmecha……-fencing-hits/ And yes it's Epee not Foil. Reply With Quote   + Reply to […]

  2. migopod says: September 22, 20116:40 pm

    This newfangled electrical scoring apparatus will surely transform our fine art of fencing into a cesspool of flick-style attack manoeuvers, orthopedic handles and coloured hosiery. Truly this marks the beginning of the decline of our art into madness. What indeed will these “innovators” conceive of next? Perhaps a mask with a transparent visor of sorts? Even, dare I say it, such vulgarities as “debounce” and “lockout”? It’s precisely this sort of cheapening of our art that will render it a mere sport, barely preserving its proud legacy of a frank encounter betwixt two gentlemen on a dewy lawn settling matters of honour.

    Down with this sort of thing.

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