It’s a good thing this guy didn’t get fried in an early computer or I’d have to spend half my day desquirreling my code.

When a squirrel tried to jump across a gap between two 11,000-volt transformers at Fond Du Lac, Wise, recently, it caused damage which required three weeks for a corps of electricians to repair. The arc caused by its body melted porcelain insulators and steel and iron supports.

  1. Charlene says: November 24, 20083:39 pm

    This is fairly common, and if Google is to be believed it’s becoming more common as the years go by.

  2. Alan J. Richer says: November 24, 20085:52 pm

    Had it actually happen to me. One fine Summer’s day, working at home and concentrating hard. Suddenly there is a BANG! outside my window here in Suburbia, the lights in the house go out, and the computer’s UPS starts whining.

    Saw a large cloud of greasy smoke go by my office window, and realized that I’d been squirreled. Took the power company an hour and a half to reset all the breakers the little bastard tripped with his kamikatze run across the transformer output.

    I,unfortunately, had the pleasure of performing the last rites – the power company left him on my lawn…what a lovely souvenir.


  3. skab says: November 24, 20088:45 pm

    Oh man! There’s a theme park I worked at for a summer as a technician. There’s a roller coaster there that has been running for about 2 years by a very dead rat that completes a conneciton in two seperated high power wires! The other techs said he’s been doing a great job there and they’ve decided not to move him. Oddly enough this roller coaster also has a rodent in its name.

  4. fluffy says: November 24, 20089:01 pm

    Just as a nitpick, computer bugs were not actually named after the famous moth – programming and circuitry glitches were already referred to as “bugs” at that time. When the infamous moth was found in the circuitry, the techs jokingly referred to it as “First actual case of bug being found” in the lab notes.

  5. Casandro says: November 24, 200810:28 pm

    Yes, there is a cartoon named “The Car of the Future” or something where they mention that the engine still has a few “bugs” to be worked out. Then you see the engine and literally bugs crawl out. So the expression “bug” for technical problems is far older.

  6. Jerry says: November 25, 20081:40 pm

    Who is going to get psychiatric help for all these suicidal squirrels? Is it a sense of personal failure from not accumulating enough nuts, or is it just the existential angst of the squirrel condition in an absurd universe without meaning? You may hoard plenty of acorns to physically survive the winter, but can any acorn fill the aching gap in your soul?

  7. fred says: November 29, 20086:26 am

    guess we’d all get a little squirrely spendin the winter gnawin our nuts,,,shocking ..eh?

  8. jayessell says: December 2, 20084:18 pm

    How do we know squirrels aren’t actualy rats in disquise?

    I’m waiting for evolution to develop deer that can cross the road safely.

    Down under they say the kangaroo looks both ways and crosses the road irreguardless.

  9. RBayard says: January 13, 20114:47 pm

    Squirrels are actually rats in disguise. They’re Disney rats. You’d realized that if you undressed one. They have a rat tail.

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