Electronic Counters – new way to better engineering (Apr, 1955)

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Electronic Counters – new way to better engineering

Electronic Counters are one of many electronic test instruments ready to give you better engineering and manufacturing—today!

These Counters are not delicate, expensive prima donnas requiring a staff of PhD’s to operate and maintain. About the size of a large table radio, they’re rugged, dependable, job-proven, versatile, manufactured in quantity and priced from about $900. Anyone who can count can use them—they require no charts or complex calculation. Yet their performance is perfection itself—direct-reading, instantaneous, automatic; accurate within 1 part per 1,000,000.

Industry uses Electronic Counters to measure rpm and rps, weight, pressure, temperature, velocity, speed, acceleration, slippage, elapsed time or time intervals, frequency rates, production quantities. And, they have many other functions; Electronic Counters are only at the threshold of their usefulness to industry.

Hewlett-Packard is a world leader in Electronic Counters, as well as other major electronic measuring instruments. The -hp- line includes over 250 different equipments—providing almost complete coverage of measurements that can be made electronically.

Over 100 -hp- field engineers serve manufacturers throughout the United States and overseas. Their first job is to give you the right answers about applicability of electronic instruments to your operation. Their second is to recommend and help apply the correct equipment. If you’d like to explore this idea in more detail, please write us. The -hp- engineer in your city will reply promptly.

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  1. GeorgeT says: October 22, 201210:24 am

    “Anyone who can count can use them”

    Uh, isn’t the counter supposed to do that?

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