Electronic Leash Shocks Sense Into Fido (Aug, 1960)

Electronic Leash Shocks Sense Into Fido
AN electronic device, called Electro-Leash, can literally shock sense into your pooch —shaping him into a show dog or simply teaching him to behave around the house.

The obedience trainer consists of a palm-sized, transistorized pulse generator, 50 feet of wire which also serves as the leash and a dog collar with two tiny electrodes.

Electro-Leash in hand, you don’t have to yell at your pooch or brandish a whip. If he bee-lines for the sofa or starts to chase a car, you merely press a button—and he’s stopped short by a harmless electric shock.

The device’s inventor, Gail Lee—of Tucson, Arizona’s, Lee Brothers, who have bred and trained some of the U. S.’s finest dogs—says that psychologically, electronic obedience is the best thing that ever happened to a dog— and its master.
“With whipping,” explains Gail, “your dog associates his hurt with you, his master. But a quick shock out of the blue is anonymous and carries no stigma to mar master-canine relations.”

The Lees have been pulse-teaching their dogs for the past several years.

Redesigned and built by industrial engineer Max Gottschalk, Electro-Leash uses a 22-volt battery to slow-charge a capacitor through a 5000-ohm resistor. Press the control button, and the built-up voltage discharges as an inductive kick-pulse through a transformer.

Gottschalk’s Godesca Company staff in Tucson spent days running resistance tests on more than 40 breeds of dogs before coming up with a just-right pulse that would sting but not harm. They found that dog skin resistance varies between 5000 and 18,000 ohms, the average being about 10,000.

Trainers, quick to adopt the electronic teaching method, report they can teach show dogs to sit, stand and heel in less than 15 minutes. And without once raising their voices—or hands—in anger.—James Joseph.

  1. darren says: November 14, 20104:50 pm

    Look at the face on the dog. He’s obviously gone through a number of shock treatments already and is scared sh*tless. Maybe they could use something similar on kids to bring them into line, or maybe the government could use this to bring people in line with their thinking. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Jayessell says: November 14, 20105:27 pm

    A precursor to the “Invisible Fence” ™.

    Eventually a shock collar is not required.

    (FB…. Do I have to check my facts NOW?)

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