Electronic newsboy (Jun, 1970)

Electronic newsboy

Is this how you’ll get your newspaper In the future? Maybe, says Toshiba, the Japanese electronics firm that developed this facsimile receiver. It prints both sides of a sheet simultaneously, in six minutes. If mass-produced, the device would sell for an estimated $300.

  1. fluffy says: December 26, 20072:59 am

    Kindle seems cheap by comparison, considering inflation etc.

  2. Thundercat says: December 26, 200712:06 pm

    Wow, at 6 minutes per page the sunday paper would take like 9 hours to print!

  3. jayessell says: December 26, 200712:57 pm

    Wasn’t there something in the 1930s that did this?

    It was suppossed to be educational.

  4. Charlie says: December 26, 20071:19 pm

    Jayessel: Yeah there are a bunch of them that I’ve posted, but I’m having a bit of trouble finding them 🙂 I need to add better tagging to my posts.

    Here is one from 1935:

    But this is by far my favorite one, it’s a color fax machine from 1946 that uses colored pencils!

    The result, on the cover, looks just like an Inkjet print out:

  5. Stannous says: December 26, 20074:51 pm

    I like this issue’s cover: Picture-next-to-picture. Reminds me of the TAXI episode where Jim Ignatowski buys a wall full of TV and gets hooked on C-Span.

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