Electronic Tick-Tack-Toe (Aug, 1950)

How do you cheat in Tick-Tack-Toe?

Tick-Tack-Toe brain is invention of 18-year-old Noel Elliott, finalist in the Westinghouse science talent search. After three years’ work, involving a study of the 362,882 possible variations, he perfected the machine so that it either wins or ties every game. It responds with a light flash when you pull a switch in any square. Sometimes it’s caught cheating a little.

  1. Stannous says: July 19, 20068:51 pm

    By changing the lit squares or lighting two at once?

  2. Darren says: January 8, 20125:27 pm

    I may have got my sums wrong, but I calculated 362,880 combinations. Where are the other 2?

  3. Toronto says: January 8, 201210:49 pm

    One of the other ones, is not to play the game.

    – WOPR

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