Electronically New… (Jul, 1962)

Electronically New…

PORTABLE CLOCK RADIO also serves as alarm. Button under thumb causes light (arrow) to illuminate clock or radio dial. Earphone jack provides quiet listening. Six-transistor circuit has push-pull output. Comes in tan or blue case. Toshiba Model 6TC-485. Clock radio is priced at $59.95 from Transistor World Corporation, 52 Broadway, New York City 4, N.Y.

WIRED TRANSISTOR 1200 INTERCOM is a two-station set for the home or farm which provides distortion-free two-way communication. Two-wire cable included extends one mile. Operates from single low-cost battery, has built-in buzzer for signaling. Comes with 9-volt battery, cable. $19.50 from P. A. Brown, Dept. MC-1, 54 Ruxton Rd., Great Neck, L. I., N.Y.

QUIET STEREO is provided by these hi-fi stereo earphones, similar to those used by astronauts. Impedance of 16 ohms and flat response is provided over full audio range. Plug can be wired for stereo or mono operation. Phones adjust vertically, axially. $37.50, Roanwell Corp., 180 Varick St., New York 14

COMBO TELEPHONE AMP and radio provides hands-free telephoning simply by resting phone on cradle-top. When not in use as telephone amplifier, the unit serves as four-transistor AM radio. Automatically switches to amplifier when phone is in place. $32.95 from H and N, 6452 Lankershim, N. Hollywood, Calif.

  1. Toronto says: October 19, 201111:10 am

    Ooo! Similar to those used by astronauts!

    Let’s see – by July 1962 the complete list would be Shepard, Grissom, Glenn, and Carpenter.

  2. JMyint says: October 19, 201112:57 pm

    Before July those may have been the astronauts. Robert White made it into space on July 17, 1962. He achieved an altitude of 95940 metres at a speed of 6166 kph during X-15 flight 62. He was the first person to reach space in a rocket plane.

  3. Andrew L. Ayers says: October 19, 20111:03 pm

    @Toronto: I love how it seems to come with bare ends – I guess the plug had to be purchased and wired seperately…

  4. Charlene says: October 19, 20111:34 pm

    @Andrew L. Ayers: Mono or stereo, as the blurb says.

  5. Don F says: October 19, 20114:01 pm

    SIX transistors . . . and PUSH-PULL output!

    Like anyone would care about push-pull . . . .

  6. G. L. Tyrebyter says: October 20, 20113:27 am

    Hey, there was an advantage of using NPN and PNP coupled transistors (Push – Pull). More power output and cleaner sound. How is that different than mentioning today that a camera has a backplane sensor or a TV has a 6 line comb filter?

  7. Don F says: October 20, 20114:46 am

    No different; the ads are saying something that sounds all high-techy so it MUST be a good product.

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