Well, that’s rather disturbing.


Waste-paper baskets, tobacco jars and receptacles for various uses made out of elephants’ feet have appeared in German shops. Equipped with hinged covers, tightly lined interiors and with bands of polished metal about the top, these novelties are attractive in appearance and their stability and durability are said to appeal to the purchaser seeking “something different” in the way of a useful curio.

  1. Village Idiot says: September 16, 200711:11 am

    There’s nothing quite as “attractive” as dessicated, severed feet on your desk. I use mine to store powdered rhino horns to maintain my virility.

    Seriously, it’s sad to see evidence of such atrocities, no matter how long ago they happened, especially since I’m sure the elephants were much more intelligent than the people who stole their feet.

  2. jayessell says: September 16, 20073:28 pm

    There’s a Glen Larson cartoon about an elephant receiving a telephone call revealing what happened to his missing leg.

    My favorite is the evil genius duck.

  3. Firebrand38 says: September 16, 20076:09 pm

    I think you mean Gary Larson.

  4. Charlie says: September 16, 20076:47 pm

    Isn’t Glen Larson the guy who did Knight Rider?

  5. Erika says: September 16, 20076:53 pm

    but where are the umbrella stands? I couldn’t possibly have the waste paper basket without the umbrella stands. Goes a treat in my trophy room with the grizzly bear and the tiger skin rug.

  6. Colin says: September 17, 20074:06 am

    Perfect for storing peanuts!

  7. Adrian says: September 23, 20072:24 pm

    “…about an elephant receiving a telephone call….”

    I bet it was a trunk call 🙂

  8. DemiCanadian says: October 6, 20071:16 pm

    Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend, yeah!

  9. Eliyahu says: May 15, 20084:17 pm

    “…turned into useful jars.”… I guess that’s better than leaving them to do something useless like holding up an elephant…

    Heck, that would give me a great place to store those California Condor eggs and Snowy Egret feathers…

  10. Wesley says: November 11, 20087:28 pm

    they also make great soup bowls and hats!

    Just wait, soon there will be a stamped of footless eliphants with knives in there trunks coming at everyone who bought these. They aim low.

  11. Sonja April says: July 12, 20101:16 pm

    I have never seen the jar feet, but when I was little my next door neighbour had a foot stool, that was made from an elephants foot ( ironic ) …. I always thought it was just made to look like a foot, but upon closer inspection I realised it still had the hairs on its legs…. man I was sooo shocked….that must have been a baby leg, cos it was still little…..gross man who buys stuff like that, ” mmmm this would go perfect with the drapes honey..”

  12. jayessell says: July 12, 20104:03 pm

    ? ? “I use antlers in all of my decorating!” ? ?

    (Not obscure/ Hint: Disney / Did the ? ? work?)

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