Climbing, pushing, pulling, lifting, and other forms of exercise are provided by a vertical treadmill designed by an Oregon inventor. Two endless chains, running over sprocket wheels, are joined by steps to form a rotary ladder. An adjustable brake regulates the needed motive force.

  1. nil says: October 19, 20079:29 am


  2. Myles Rempel says: October 19, 20079:36 am

    Good idea, but looks like the ladder needs to be a little longer. Getting one’s hand caught in those uncovered sprockets might hurt.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: October 19, 200710:16 am

    Cool. The LadderMaster, forerunner of the StairMaster.

  4. Adrian says: October 19, 200710:56 am

    Actually this would be a lot easier than climbing a ladder. The climber doesn’t have to lift his own weight to a higher level, just push the ladder to a lower level. And the brake being adjusted according to the climber’s weight means the ladder would have to rotate very easily. Otherwise he would find himself climbing over the top 🙂

  5. Eric S. says: October 20, 20076:14 pm

    Treadmills are also too easy to use. You just have to push the belt backwards as you stay in one position, which is much easier than actually running normal.

  6. Eric S. says: October 20, 20076:26 pm

    He’s got some nice exercise shoes on too.

  7. Tib says: September 6, 20095:00 pm

    Newton’s third law of motion actually suggests that the energy needed to stay at the same height using this thing is somewhat similar to climbing a ladder at a steady rate. In the first case, energy goes into the “adjustable brake”, in the latter, in potential energy.

  8. Lou says: December 20, 20109:50 am

    Yes, I agree with Tib. The energy needed to climb this ladder is exactly the same as that needed to climb a real ladder. They do make modern versions of this, but normally slanted 30-45 degrees. Looks like it uses a hydraulic pump with an adjustable flow valve to regulate the resistance.

  9. Samit says: March 20, 201110:14 pm

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  10. John says: March 23, 201110:11 am

    The modern version of this may be found here http://www.jacobsladder…

  11. kthought says: December 13, 201111:38 am

    a jacobs ladder is NOT the same thing.. this is vertical.. which is what i want, though just a little taller.. i hope some day somebody makes this again.

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