Engineer Is Safe in Steel Wire Cage Charged With 300,000 Volts (Feb, 1954)

Engineer Is Safe in Steel Wire Cage Charged With 300,000 Volts
Even though a 300,000-volt electric current surges through the steel-wire ball which encloses him, an engineer in a Munich museum demonstration remains unperturbed. The so-called “Faraday’s cage” protects its passenger even though he’s in the midst of a powerful electrostatic field. The electricity spreads harmlessly around the ball and is then grounded via a cable.

  1. mrchurchill109 says: July 3, 20074:17 am

    Quite true. Boston’s Museum Of Science has a huge Van De Graff generator once used for research at MIT in Middleton, MA. It has the same setup, except the cage is considerably larger and more sophisticated as befits a research instrument.

    If anyone ever gets the chance, the high-voltage show there is quite a sight and worth the price of admission to the museum itself.


  2. Stannous says: July 3, 200711:12 am

    I wonder if this guy ever got together with the girl in the glass bulb- looks like a perfect match.

  3. fluffy says: July 3, 20075:42 pm

    On a similar note, this video is pretty incredible:…

  4. Charlie says: July 3, 20076:21 pm

    Fluffy: I thought that video was awesome. I actually liked it so much I downloaded the entire Modern Marvels episode it was from. Very cool stuff.

  5. Stefan Drechsler says: November 23, 200712:17 pm

    This experiment is still be shown every day in that munich museum. The Deutsches Museum:


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