Engineering hours turn into minutes when you speed up your data analysis (Sep, 1952)

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Engineering hours turn into minutes when you speed up your data analysis

You can do it yourself with these Telecomputing Instruments


Today you can reduce and analyze film and oscillograph data faster than ever before. Telecomputing Instruments, in conjunction with electronic computing equipment, have made this possible.

The following sequence of automatic data analysis is typical: The Universal Telereader measures records ranging from 16 and 35 mm film to 12″ oscillograph records. Speed: up to 50 measurements per minute.

The Telecordex records the Telereader measurements in decimal form electronically on its own electric typewriter, transmits the data to an IBM Summary Punch for card punching.

The IBM card punch receives the data from the Telecordex, punches it and continues the cycle.

All necessary calculations, including linear and non-linear calibrations, are performed on IBM or other electronic computers.

The Teleplotter plots the data electronically from IBM cards or a manual keyboard. Speed: up to 70 points per minute.


Let Telecomputing do it for you in its Computing Division Your computing problems, large or small, can be handled quickly and efficiently by Telecomputing’s staff of computing specialists.

A trained staff of engineers, physicists and mathematicians can process your problems on a round-the-clock basis, using IBM, Telecomputing and other electronic equipment.

The Computing Division handles data reduction problems from all types of record sources, as well as engineering and scientific mathematical problems of the widest scope.

Clients include major research and industrial organizations and technical government activities throughout the country.

Time and cost estimates will be presented if you will send information defining your computing and data reduction problems.


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