English Ferry Wades Through Ocean Waves (Aug, 1935)

English Ferry Wades Through Ocean Waves
NOT a boat, but a caterpillar-tractor car, is this public utility, located at an English seaside resort. As shown, it holds its passengers above the waves, while picking its way over the bottom. A 24-horsepower engine operates it.

  1. sweavo says: January 23, 20082:13 am


  2. Max says: January 23, 20083:08 am

    Looks a little top heavy.

  3. lazyllama says: January 23, 20084:49 am

    There’s a modern version with no caterpillar tracks still doing the same trip – http://en.wikipedia.org…

  4. Tom says: January 23, 20087:32 am

    The recent version is very useful and fun, getting you to the pub and back when the tide’s in. One of the few vehicles allowed on the sand bar stretch apart from the hotel’s 4x4s.

  5. Dave says: January 23, 200811:39 am

    I’ve been to Burgh Island – great place – the current “tractor ferry” is a 1960s replacement I think: sadly it was away for maintenance during my visit.

  6. Steve says: January 24, 20081:29 am

    The sea tractor is still an attraction. Go to this link for more inf:

  7. Ken says: January 24, 200812:31 pm

    That’s nothing! Check out the Brighton Daddy Long Legs:


    In a nutshell, it used to run on undersea rails between the piers of two towns in Sussex. It carried 150 passengers and kept them dry.

  8. The Clashing Blade says: December 31, 20085:38 pm

    Was it a pitrol or deesel?

  9. hivolbill says: March 6, 20152:55 pm

    The early 60’s version is featured in the Dave Clark Five movie, CATCH US IF YOU CAN (aka HAVING A WILD WEEKEND) (1965), directed by John Boorman.

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