English Timetableria (Aug, 1935)

English Timetableria
Press a button for any trip you desire, and the proper timetable card drops out, in the Southern Railway station, London.


  1. Stephen says: December 14, 20126:45 am

    On British railways nowadays it is difficult to find an actual timetable. You are instead directed to a website where you input the departure and arrival stations and the date and time, and then get told the most suitable train. You can’t just browse to find what trains there are, to my great annoyance.

  2. Toronto says: December 14, 20121:46 pm

    Via Rail Canada was that way last time I checked, too, but there are printed (and PDF) full schedules. I was especially annoyed when they chopped the trains with baggage cars on weekends last summer – not all of them, just the ones I needed.

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