Enjoy something different …try MARLBORO CIGARETTES (Oct, 1952)

I’d say that when smoking stops being a pleasure and starts being a habit, it’s a good time to quit.

Escape from the commonplace
Enjoy something different …try MARLBORO CIGARETTES

Finer taste, superior mildness —a luxury in smoking unmatched by any other cigarette!

When smoking has stopped being a pleasure and becomes only a habit, it’s time to freshen up your taste. So if you need a change, remember…

Marlboros are better in every way for those who smoke throughout the day!

  1. christoph says: January 24, 201212:21 pm

    I guess this was from before the rebranding …

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  3. Charlene says: January 25, 20122:41 pm

    I like how the guy sort of fades into the greenery.

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