Enroll or Your Child Will DIE! (Jul, 1935)

“…and I had no money”

A man can knock along on what he’s making until something happens! Then when the emergency comes and the money he hasn’t got could do so much, the cold realities of life haunt him.
“I know what I am talking about! Til never forget the time when my child’s life was at stake. Not an extra dollar to my name. If it hadn’t been for friends…
“But now I am able to meet the emergencies of life without depending on my friends. I studied an International Correspondence Schools Course and got the training I needed to earn more money.
It was the wisest thing I ever did. I realize it every time I get another promotion!
Is money one of your problems? Does every unusual situation in your family life frighten you because of the lack of it? Remember this: It’s the trained man today who makes money and saves money. And thousands of men have acquired this training by spare-time study of I. C. S. Courses. So can you! Don’t delay—tomorrow never comes! Mark and mail the coupon—today!

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