“Enter the Radio Business? …YOU’RE FOOLISH!” they Shouted (Apr, 1933)

“Enter the Radio Business? …YOU’RE FOOLISH!” they Shouted

—yet in a few months I was earning more than any of them You should have seen their faces when I told them that in just a few short months I jumped from $35 to $75 a week.

“No more scrimping and saving pennies for me!” I said. “I’ve got a new car, and before long I’ll have a home of my own. No more slaving for a boss, either. I’m my own boss since I went into Radio—and the work’s like play.”

Just a short time ago they had laughed at my decision to enter the Radio business. “You’re foolish! You’ll lose your shirt,” they roared. “You’re no mechanic, you don’t even know the difference between a grid and a primary coil.”

And now it was my turn to laugh. They were astounded that I made such a success in so short a time. They fired questions at me from all sides. How did I do it? Where did I learn? What school did I go to?

“I didn’t go to any school at all,” I told them. “I learned right in my own home—in my spare time—the quick, easy National Radio Institute way. It was actually fun learning. Everything was right before me—working outfits of parts, and instructions with pictures that showed me exactly how to do everything. I could hardly help learning. And best of all, almost from the very first lesson I was able to earn money in my spare-time fixing sets in my neighborhood. Before I had been studying three months I more than paid for the price of the course. I’ll say that Radio is the biggest paying business I ever found!” This story is typical of hundreds of National Radio Institute students all over the country. Young men with ambition and foresight everywhere are getting into Radio now. Win. Spartivent, 93 Broadway, Newark, N. J., lost his job, turned to Radio, and has averaged $3,000 a year. B. Morissette, 733 Somerville St., Manchester, N. H., writes that he still has his regular job but averaged $80 a month in Radio work in spare time.

The amazing growth of Radio has opened hundreds of new jobs for trained men. Radio manufacturers employ testers, engineers, service men, and buyers for jobs paying up to $6,000 a year. Broadcasting Stations use engineers, operators, station managers and pay up to $5,000 a year. Hundreds of operators enjoy world-wide travel and adventure in the employ of shipping companies with all expenses paid and a good salary besides. Talking Movies pay as much as $75 to $200 a week to men with Radio training. Radio dealers employ trained men to buy, sell, install, and service sets, and pay well for good men.

Opportunities for ambitious men in Radio are almost unlimited. An amazing 64-page book called “Rich Rewards in Radio” tells all about the many opportunities you can find in Radio—and this book will be sent to you absolutely free! It will also tell you about the famous National Radio Institute plan that has helped others to earn $50, $60, $75 a week and more; also all about the remarkable lifetime employment service.

The National Radio Institute course is thorough. You learn by actual practice with working outfits, not just by theory alone. First, you are told how to do it, then you see how by photographs, and then you do it yourself. Even the most modern and complicated sets hold no secrets from you. Yet this amazing course is simple, easy to master.

No need to give up your present job. Keep it until you prove to yourself that Radio will raise your pay. For the National Radio Institute course is guaranteed—if when you complete it you aren’t fully satisfied with the lessons and instruction service, every cent you paid will be instantly returned.

Send the coupon below at once for the book, “Rich Rewards in Radio.” It will be sent to you absolutely free! Learn how many have more than doubled their pay—see for yourself the wonderful opportunities for you in Radio. No obligation. Mail the coupon right now.

National Radio Institute, Dept. 3EH, Washington, D. C.

Gentlemen: Send me your book. I want to see what Radio offers. I understand this request does not obligate me.

  1. KD5ZS says: April 5, 201011:13 am

    As opposed to $35 to $75 an hour now?

  2. Toronto says: April 5, 201011:45 am

    KD – yeah, but we work fewer hours. :0)

  3. jayessell says: April 5, 201012:15 pm

    I wonder how true this was… promising steady pay in the depths of The Depression.

    We in the 21st Century get OUR get-rich-quick schemes straight from Nigeria.

    “Run your car on water! Ask me how! Only $29.95!”

  4. George says: April 5, 20103:10 pm

    Radio!!?? Now there’s a dead end occupation. I just signed up with the US Accordion Institute — there is a severe shortage of trained accordion repairmen, and I’m going to be rich.

  5. Firebrand38 says: April 5, 20104:04 pm

    George: Accordions? Bah! You should have gone for your Zeppelin Pilot Wings like I am! Now there’s a demand!

  6. Neil Russell says: April 5, 20105:16 pm

    Oh you buncha amateurs, just wait til I get my Flock Kraft kit from Nels Irwin!
    I’ll be flocking my money there will be so much, up to $40 a week rolling in!

  7. Firebrand38 says: April 5, 20106:20 pm

    Neil Russell: So you’ll be flocking rich, then.

  8. Neil Russell says: April 5, 20106:31 pm

    You better flocking believe it.

  9. Firebrand38 says: April 5, 20106:57 pm

    Neil Russell: Just flocking around?

  10. Neil Russell says: April 5, 20108:20 pm


    Wonder how long before Charlie says flocking knock it off

  11. Firebrand38 says: April 6, 20105:09 am

    Neil Russell: So I guess to keep it from blowing around after the job is done you have to put the flock away? Kind of like shutting the flock up?

  12. Neil Russell says: April 6, 20105:47 am

    The heck with this flocking stuff, the flocking gun burned my flocking hand so I decided to make my fortune raising chinchillas for fun and profit and selling Grit.
    So far the chinchillas aren’t a lot of fun, just skittish, I think someone must have put them wise to what happens to them when it comes to the profit part.
    Maybe they read it in Grit

  13. KD5ZS says: April 6, 201010:01 am

    You could always join Primerica or Prepaid Legal.

    There is definitely something about those multilevel marketing schemes that really irritate me. Perhaps it is those sales folks (corporate bottom feeders) promising such great opportunities.

  14. JMyint says: April 6, 201011:07 am

    NRI schools stayed in business until 1999.


  15. Johnny Q says: April 6, 20105:17 pm

    I think I’ll actually start shouting “YOU’RE FOOLISH!” at my friends on a more regular basis.

  16. Bob says: April 6, 20106:58 pm

    The Northwestern School of Taxidermy says I will make a fortune selling stuffed frogs that I pose like humans and glue to lamp bases and other useless things.

    Either that or Typewriter Mechanic’s School. Now THAT’S a profession with a future!

  17. Charlene says: April 9, 201012:58 pm

    I’m going to get rich selling KAFFEE-HAG coffee.

  18. Jari says: April 10, 201012:54 pm

    I’m still thinking if I should start a Ironized Yeast Cake emporium. Or maybe start making Nose Shapers…..

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