Ergonomic Designer (Jul, 1940)

Designer Shapes Pens, Tools, and Glasses That Fit the Hands

Designing fountain pens, screw drivers, razors, and other common articles so that they are not only pleasing in appearance but also better adapted to their specific uses, is the job of Angelo Bisenz, New York City designer who calls his work “formo-genic designing.” A screw driver Bisenz designed, for example, has a handle formed to fit the contour of the hand, so that the tool handle will present its widest surface at the point where the hand will apply pressure on it. The same attempt to fit the instrument to the hand of the user is seen in his designs for a fountain pen and a drinking glass, illustrated on this page. In the latter case, the tumbler is provided with indentations that allow the fingers to grip it easily, while one side is rounded to fit neatly into the palm.

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