Errorless Typewriter (May, 1947)

Errorless Typewriternot only saves time, materials and the secretary’s nerves but makes neat-as-a-pin copy with even right-hand (as well as left-hand) margins. The electrically driven machine does not print directly onto the paper but sets up a visible line which can be corrected and adjusted for spacing before it registers.

  1. Kosher Ham says: September 22, 201010:21 am

    Embryonic word processor?

  2. Charlie says: September 22, 20101:12 pm

    That’s why I put it in “Origins” 😉

  3. Toronto says: September 22, 20101:54 pm

    How did it display the line before it printed?

    A girl I knew in highschool got a job working a high-zoot typewriter/compose in the late ’70s. As I recall it had a tiny scrolling LED display to show a single line – for centering – and emough memory to hold an entire page. You could do a “mailing list” with it typing the body and prompting you to enter the name, address, etc. Fairly cool for a standalone machine, but 30 years later than this one.

    Pity there’s no visible name on this.

  4. Jari says: September 22, 20103:40 pm

    That thing sure looks like an ergonomic nightmare to me… My wrists start to ache for just looking at it.

  5. dj_nme says: September 22, 20104:54 pm

    I wonder if this story is about the same “errorless typewriter?…

    “Invented by Robert S Wallach, president of the Associated Development and Research Corp.”

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