Escape from the commonplace (Sep, 1952)

Whoever rebranded Marlboro to the red and white boxes could not possibly have been paid enough. It looks like someone scrawled on the box with a red sharpie.

Also, nowadays any copywriter who tried to put the word “habit” in a cigarette ad would not have a job for very long.

Escape from the commonplace

Enjoy something different try MARLBORO CIGARETTES

Finer taste, superior mildness —a luxury in smoking unmatched by any other cigarette!

When smoking has stopped being a pleasure and becomes only a habit, it’s time to freshen up your taste. So if you need a change, remember …

Marlboros are better in every way for those who smoke throughout the day!

  1. DocScience says: September 16, 20107:54 pm

    Leo Burnett created Marlboro.

    Leo, the man, whose brilliance created an agency and whose work in marketing is legend.

  2. Charlene says: September 20, 20106:42 pm

    Red lipstick with a mauve dress?!

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