Even the skylines are different in Los Angeles (Mar, 1958)

Even the skylines are different in Los Angeles

VISITORS ALWAYS REMARK how low and spread out Los Angeles is. This means more fresh-air living, instead of canyonlike streets. Our one real skyscraper is the 32-story City Hall!

Everything seems different. A glass and redwood church stands alone atop a Pacific bluff. An hour away at Civic Center you can lunch Chinese or Spanish style, minutes away find the police offices made famous by TV sleuths.

At nearby Hollywood watch for stars at a drive-in. Drive past celebrities’ swank homes. (See map offer.) Los Angeles is a botanist’s dream. Instead of grass, geranium lawns! Back yards have fig, lemon or shiny evergreen avocado trees!

A few hours from Los Angeles: Desert mining town of Calico. Devil Postpile of 40-foot high loglike stones. At the Rainbow Farms, see acres of color—flowers grown for their seeds. You’ll find memories and conversation to last a lifetime!

SO WHY WAIT ANY LONGER? Note is the time to leave cold, gray days and winter worries behind on a Southern California vacation.

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  1. BrianC says: October 26, 201110:21 am

    South Central is lovely this time of year…

  2. christoph says: October 26, 201112:19 pm

    Yes, LA, known for its “fresh-air living”

  3. Terry says: October 26, 20112:07 pm

    I believe those were the years before there were any attempts at smog control.

  4. Tim says: October 26, 20113:49 pm

    I think it’s a BB&B: Bed, Breakfast, and Burial.

  5. slim says: October 26, 20114:01 pm

    I sort of expected some L.A. bashing. We still have days that look like the picture, usually right after a weather front moves through. There was smog in ’58, mainly in the summer. The weather is still great, and not all areas look like Compton or South Central. But, I’m sure where you live is much nicer.

  6. christoph says: October 26, 20115:31 pm


    Where I live (Wyoming) the air is at least clean. I stayed in LA for a conference and didn’t realize there were mountains across the valley until the fourth day. The smog is *bad*, I couldn’t imagine living there and breathing that soup day after day.

  7. slim says: October 26, 20117:03 pm

    @ Christoph

    Here’s an article about air pollution in Wyoming you might have missed.


    Welcome to the club.

  8. Toronto says: October 27, 201111:41 am

    The city of Toronto, which other Ontarians seem to want to call “the Big Smoke” from time to time, has remarkably cleaner air than the “cottage country” to the north. I don’t know why, but I’m not complaining.

  9. mike says: October 27, 201112:10 pm

    the park pictured, MacArthur Park, is now a great spot to buy anything from various illegal drugs to fraudulent IDs of all sorts

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