Ever Happen To You? (Jun, 1949)

Remember fellas, if a girl won’t put out it just means you have bad breath. If you use Listerine and she still says no, then she’s a dyke.

Ever Happen To You?

After being a popular Joe in your neighborhood did you ever find yourself left out of little parties all too often? Maybe you wondered if there was some kind of a hex on you? Well, Chum, there probably was! A guy can get careless every now and then, and the news* gets around pretty fast. The welcome mat won’t be out again until you get over your trouble.

Were you last to be let in after waiting for hours to see the Big Wheel? Under your breath you probably called the Big Wheel a lot of choice names. Maybe he had a good reason for stalling. After all, it’s only human nature to put off disagreeable things as long as possible. And, Brother, when you’ve got it* you sure can be disagreeable!

Did you ever go after a job that you knew was right down your alley, only to lose it to another fellow with no better qualifications than yours? You probably wondered what the hair-line decision was that threw the job the other fellow’s way. Well . . . very often it’s as delicate a matter as this*.

You wangled an introduction to a swell girl and invited her out on a super-special date. Along about ten she began to act indifferent, and pleaded to be taken home. A headache, (she said). The whole evening shot… to say nothing of a few bucks. Were you burned up! It probably never occurred to you that you, yourself, were the “headache.” And for this* reason.

On a moonlight night did you ever try for a kiss from your steady Sweetie Pie and have her haul off and bat you in the kisser? Why? Why? Why?? You just didn’t get it. Perhaps you were “that way”* (It can happen to anyone) . . . and when you are, they’ll do it every time.

*How about you? If you ever have come face to face with a case of halitosis (unpleasant breath) you know how it repels you. You don’t have to guess what kind of a reception you’d meet if you, yourself, were guilty. So, why risk offending? Why take chances on makeshift remedies when there’s a delightful and extra-careful precaution against simple bad breath? Use Listerine Antiseptic, the standby of millions. You merely rinse the mouth with it . . . especially before any date, and, lo! your breath becomes sweeter, fresher, less likely to offend. Stays that way, too. Not for seconds. Not for minutes. But for hours usually. When you want to be at your best never, never omit Listerine Antiseptic.

*Listerine Antiseptic halts the fermentation of food particles in the mouth, a cause of so much bad breath not of systemic origin. Lambert Pharmacal Co.

LISTERINE ANTISEPTIC the Extra-careful Precaution against Offending

  1. tom says: February 13, 201210:13 am

    Ain’t that the truth! Just because you’re loud, obnoxious, poorly groomed with excretable manners doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t feel the urge to jump your bones; gotta be a dyke.

  2. Hirudinea says: February 13, 201211:16 am

    What is this an ad for, Listerine or GHB?

  3. Kosher Ham says: February 13, 20121:17 pm

    “Not systemic” Interesting because I have heard that some of sources of halitosis go beyond the mouth, such as the throat, esophagus, etc.

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