Ever heard about Sweden’s “Buy American” Policy? (Apr, 1965)

Ever heard about Sweden’s “Buy American” Policy?

Swedes like American products. In fact they like them so well that they buy nearly $50 worth a year for every man, woman and youngster. Per capita, few nations can match Sweden as a U.S. customer. * Buying American is typical of Sweden’s commercial outlook. Each year Swedes buy increasing millions on millions of dollars worth of U.S. goods. Everything from machinery to fruits, from fuels to automobiles, from chemicals to tobacco. But Sweden must also go to other countries to find the sophisticated products and materials she needs. In fact, international trade is the lifeblood of Sweden’s economy. * To help keep her industries keen, her standard of living the highest in Europe, and her unemployment virtually nil, Sweden’s tariff level is one of the world’s lowest. Yet imports are only half the story. Sweden also has to sell. She must expand her markets

for heavy equipment, automobiles, ships, forest products, ore and special steels, adding machines, rock drills and the scores of other products in which Swedish industry excels. * Today Sweden exports close to one quarter of her total production, and sends nearly 80 per cent to her Scandinavian neighbors and Europe. She gets a similar per cent of her imports from those same countries. But the balance of trade with the United States hasn’t been quite so fortunate. While each Swede buys an average of $50 worth of U.S. goods a year, each American buys only about $1 worth of Sweden’s products. * What’s Sweden’s reaction? To work even harder to offer America the very best in design, quality and service so that Sweden can buy even more American.

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  1. Hirudinea says: February 7, 20124:43 pm

    And now they send you crappy furniture.

  2. Simon says: February 8, 20127:15 am

    Crappy furniture made in China….

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