Every Family.. should own.. this Newest, Greatest Encyclopaedia Britannica (Mar, 1930)

I wonder how people would have reacted if, just once, the family shown in the picture was Black or Asian. “Every Family with Children” is a pretty all encompassing statement.

Every Family with Children in it should own and can own this Newest, Greatest Encyclopaedia Britannica

Every family, and above all, every family with children in it, should own the great new Encyclopaedia Britannica— the one essential book for the home — the one work bringing to young and old the limitless advantages of modern knowledge.

The hand of genius shaped the plan—3,500 world-famous authorities created the work. Every page sparkles with their brilliant writing —profound in its wisdom yet tremendously readable, practical, easy to understand. And the thousands of pictures, a unique feature, are a liberal education in themselves.

Helps Children “Find Themselves”

Children love to browse through these fascinating volumes. Naturally and easily, they gain a great store of accurate information that will last all through life. The new Britannica helps with school work, reveals natural abilities, brings out unsuspected talents, helps children “find themselves.”

15,000 Superb Pictures

This book would be well worth while if judged by the illustrations alone. Marshaled in brilliant array on the pages of the new Britannica, there are actually 15,000 superb pictures. They bring delight to young and old alike.

Appeals to Whole Family

The new Britannica abounds in practical information about doing things.

For the business man it makes instantly available accurate information on half a million subjects. Everything you can mention is covered in this “book for every member of the family.”

Women find in it a constant help and guide in home decoration and child training, and in every outside interest.

$5 Brings Set To Your Home

A deposit of only $5 will bring immediately to your home these 24 thrilling volumes. The price of the new Encyclopaedia Britannica is amazingly low, within the reach of every family.

Included with each set is a handsome bookcase table, made of genuine brown mahogany. Easy payments may be made monthly, while your whole family is enjoying the books. You should not delay. The demand is great.

FREE Illustrated Booklet

Clip this coupon now. It brings you our Free book- ^ let of maps, color plates, etc., from the great NEW Britannica. Fill out the coupon and mail today


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  1. Bill Thompson says: February 6, 201312:56 pm

    If the Britannica, in 1930, was interested in selling specifically to Black or Asian familes, I’m sure they would have advertised in Black or Asian publications, using Black or Asian models. National Geographic was a middle-class white mag.

    Sheesh. Some twenty-first century humans are so race-conscious. Not everything has to be a McDonald’s ad, depicting with painful clarity at least five different and distinct shades of melanin.

  2. Chris Radcliff says: February 6, 20132:29 pm

    I wonder what the set actually cost. It was enough to include a mahogany bookcase…

  3. Gazzie says: February 8, 20139:20 am

    @ Bill Thompson… I agree. Everyone is just way too PC today.

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