Every litter bit hurts YOU (Apr, 1967)

Every litter bit hurts YOU

(Louis Nye-The Cleanup Man)

Trash? Litter? Empties? Don’t heave them overboard! Carry a litterbag in your boat. Hold everything for the first trash container on shore or take it home for proper disposal. Remember— our waterways belong to all of us. Litter pollutes the waters, fouls propellers, spoils fishing fun and costs tax dollars! Every litter bit hurts… YOU. America’s beauty is your duty.


  1. experiment 626 says: January 28, 20137:58 am

    This reminds when Lake Trinity in CA dried up (or was it cut off?) but man I never saw so many ring top cans in my life and I’d never thought I would live to see one and I found a perfectly preserved ring top Pepsi can! My family and family friends were bored but it was one of the best years I ever had!

  2. Hirudinea says: January 28, 20139:15 am

    Why should I listen to a Good Humor man?

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