TASTES BETTER THAN EVER Ex-Lax now has a smoother, richer chocolate flavor—tastes like a choice confection ! You’ll like it even better than you did before.

ACTS BETTER THAN EVER Ex-Lax is now even more effective than it used to be. Empties the bowels more thoroughly, more smoothly, in less time than before.

MORE GENTLE THAN EVER Ever famous for its mildness, Ex-Lax is today so remarkably gentle in action that, except for the relief you get, you scarcely realize you have taken a laxative.

. . and you’ll feel better after taking it!

Now improved – better than ever!



  1. nlpnt says: August 8, 20086:47 pm

    Top to bottom; Before, during and after.

  2. Torgo says: August 8, 20087:21 pm

    I would like to see the Granny saying “They make just the right flavoring for my ‘special’ brownies.”

  3. rsterling78 says: August 10, 200810:30 pm

    “…tastes like a choice confection.”

    Man, 8 year olds in the 1930s had one impressive vocabulary.

  4. Val says: September 19, 20084:23 pm

    What Ex-Lax is not telling you. In 1999, they changed the main ingredient to senna because the old main ingredient caused cancer. However, this new senna causes severe chemical burns. And because of this “great chocolate flavor” children are very attracted to Ex-Lax. My 1 year-old son got a hold of my Ex-Lax, ate 3 or 4 pieces. I figured I would have to let nature run it’s course(as what Poison Control also told me), however, after I put him to bed he had a bowel movement during the night(he was still in a diaper) and when I went to change him he had severe blisters and sloughing of his skin where the stool had laid on his butt. The chemical senna in the Ex-lax caused severe burns to his butt and he had to be admitted to the burn center at the hospital and was diagnosed with 1st and 2nd degree burns. This usually doesn’t happen to adults because they wipe after using the bathroom. But most people think Ex-Lax is so safe. It’s extremely DANGEROUS! Parents-BE AWARE-EX-LAX is very dangerous and as you already know children are very attracted to chocolate of any kind! Don’t buy Ex-Lax and if you do lock it up!! But also for everyone else just imagine what this chemical is doing to the inside of your stomach, intestines and colon(burning it like pure acid)and may be even worse. The Novartis company is well-aware of this reaction and still will not label this reaction on their box or warning. I’ve called Novartis Company and they know of many other similiar incidents. They do not want their product off the market. Money is the root of all evil. They could care less if people and children suffer from extremely painful 1st and 2nd degree burns as long as they’re making money. Why would anyone trust this brand?

  5. Toronto says: September 20, 20081:05 pm

    Thanks for the info, Val – I’d never heard of that before.

    Perhaps the people who need to know are the poison control offices. If they’d known this, they’d probably given better advice.

    I hope your son recovered well.

  6. J. Crowder says: August 20, 20118:13 pm

    I too went through the same thing. I didn’t realize how potent ex-lax was. I gave my son one to clean out his system and when he woke up the next morning, he had already had a bowel movement. I did realize when I changed his pullup his bottom was slightly red. I got him dressed and took him to daycare for the day. When I picked him up later that evening, I noticed him walking funny and when I checked his bottom, it was terribly burned and blistered. This was only the results of one ex-lax, so imagine the damage it could do to your body. Something really needs to be done about this company.

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