EXECU-CHAIR (Oct, 1968)

Just close your office door open the EXECU-CHAIR

NEW EXECU-CHAIR IS DIFFERENT This is the first chair designed exclusively for the office. Closed… it looks like a regular office chair… blending perfectly with any decor. It is a comfortable chair to sit on. Yet it flips open in just a second… almost effortless into full-length 76″ long bed with a pillow rest for the head.

The Polyfoam mattress gives you firm … yet comfortable support… and in just minutes you comfortably relax away the tensions of the day’s work. If you work late you could actually spend the night on the Execu-Chair in perfect comfort. Many doctors recommend that a man take a complete rest every afternoon. Try it and see. You will get up ready and able to tackle your work for the rest of the day with new vigor and vitality.

UPHOLSTERED IN NAUGAHYDE A superb material with the elegant look of deeply rich-grained leather … yet is easy to keep clean and it wears for years. Comes in 3 colors … Oxblood (as shown) Black and Avocado Green.


26 So. Sixth Avenue, Mount Vernon, N.Y. 10550

  1. Peter says: January 21, 20099:40 pm

    I actually have one of these, or something very much so like it! I got it along with the rest of my grandparents furniture.
    Verdict: Lumpy.

  2. Scott B. says: January 21, 200911:15 pm

    “Oh Miss Jones … come in my office, please. Never mind the steno pad….”

  3. Rick Auricchio says: January 22, 200912:31 am

    For several years during my time at Apple, I had a recliner in my office. I often took a quick nap.

    Some of those computer manuals are better than sleeping pills…

  4. Sean says: January 22, 20098:52 am

    There is a bunch of furniture in the basement of my office from when the company used to maintain an apartment for visiting out-of-town employees. The best part is an old, over-stuffed recliner sitting in glorious isolation in a lockable back room. It really is amazing how restorative a 10 minute nap right after lunch can be.

  5. Mike says: January 23, 20099:58 am

    I think it is horrible how the executives get to take naps on these wonderful couches yet the employees need to nap on the floor behind boxes in storage rooms! 😉

  6. Jared says: January 23, 20091:34 pm

    They had these in the maternity section of the hospital by us for fathers.

  7. StanFlouride says: January 23, 20092:36 pm

    At first glance I thought it was a coffin ad.

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