Exerciser Rights Faulty Posture (Sep, 1930)

Well, it’ll either straighten your back, or rip your head off.

Exerciser Rights Faulty Posture
BUSINESS men and women who by necessity must lead sedentary lives will find the exercising device shown at the left an excellent corrective for the stooping posture developed by such a manner of living. The device can be hung up in a doorway or in the attic for a few minutes exercise each day. Muscles of the shoulders, arms and neck are given a strenuous workout by the pulling movement of the arms and the stretching motion to the neck.

  1. docca says: July 16, 20088:36 am

    “Hey this kind of exercise is actually very goo… CLONK”
    “need ambulance….aaaaaaaaagh”

  2. Al Bear says: July 16, 200811:16 am

    An early suicide machine? seriously, WTH?

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