EXERCISING at EASE with Mechanical Beauty AIDS (Oct, 1930)

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EXERCISING at EASE with Mechanical Beauty AIDS

TO OVERWEIGHT men and women who desire to cut down their tonnage the strenuous exercises and rigorous diet prescribed by hard-hearted physicians are usually soon forgotten. The love of rich food and fondness for reclining in an easy chair have more appeal than the thought of a sylph-like figure.

It is for this type of person that ingenious inventors have perfected a great array of mechanical devices which are said to be as efficacious as personally performed exercises for those who would like to take off weight. Whether these devices can entirely take the place of calisthenics and outdoor sports is a question that has yet to be decided.

So great has the synthetic exercise fad spread that in Venice, California, a reducing society known as the Venice Venus Club has been formed and has equipped itself with all of the latest mechanical gymnasium equipment. The club has become popular among movie chorines, who must retain that perfect figure if they would hold their jobs.

  1. Charlene says: March 30, 201110:54 am

    From that caption I expected a different kind of vibrating machine in the boudoir…although it appears to have similar effects.

  2. Christoph says: March 30, 201111:15 am

    I wonder why a great product called the electrolysis chair never took off.

  3. Hirudinea says: March 30, 20115:06 pm

    “WOO-HOO, Look at that bluber fly!” Its amazing the crap people will buy!

    @Charlene – Why do you think these machines seem to be so popular with the ladies.

  4. Timmay says: March 30, 20117:23 pm

    I can remember those belt around the butt things when I was a kid back in the 70’s and even then I knew it couldn’t do anything more than shake your fat around but a kid who lived across the street’s mom was addicted to hers.

  5. MikeBurdoo says: March 31, 20118:14 am

    Unfortunate choice for a product – “electrolysis chair” seems a little too close to “electric chair”.

  6. whoozle whaazle says: March 31, 20115:18 pm


    “Yes. Nurse, cancel my 1:00.”

    Simpson’s fans unite ! 😀

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