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Very few people remember the magazine drive.

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The 1980’s are here! The decade of the personal computer has arrived, and BYTE has made it happen! BYTE – ‘ the small systems journal devoted to personal computers — has helped usher in the new era. Leading the personal computer revolution, which is already transforming home and personal life, are BYTE’s 160,000 enthusiastic readers. Their enthusiasm has made BYTE the largest computer magazine in the world!

To be knowledgeable in the 1980’s you need to know how to use personal computers. BYTE is your personal guide to the new era. BYTE tells you how to build, buy, and use computers for fun, practical purposes, and profit. With help from BYTE, you can experiment right in your own home with graphics, word processing, computer music, speech synthesizers, simulations, robotics, personal data base management, business computing — and hundreds of other fascinating hardware and software applications.

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  1. Stephen says: November 13, 20097:00 am

    I miss Byte so much! When it was eventually taken over I was promised a replacement subscription to another magazine, but it never appeared. It was by far the best computer magazine I’ve ever read.

  2. Casandro says: November 13, 200910:47 am

    Actually one german magazine used to have something called the “Paperdisk”. It was a printed pattern you could scan and get software out of it. I think it was MC.

  3. Casandro says: November 13, 200910:48 am

    Ohh the dates on the ‘releated posts’ are wrong.

  4. rick says: November 13, 20093:14 pm

    All the excited prose about personal computers in the ad, then the monitor showing columns of text and figures . . . makes me want to rush right out and drop about 5 Gs on one of those machines. Ah, the good old days of MS DOS!


  5. katey says: November 13, 200910:46 pm

    What is going on in that magazine cover? A champagne coupe, a string of pearls, and some kind of proto-cellphone?

  6. Mark says: November 14, 20099:41 am

    “I miss Byte so much! When it was eventually taken over I was promised a replacement subscription to another magazine, but it never appeared.”

    I was subscribing at the time also. They finished out my subscription with PC Magazine.

  7. JMyint says: November 14, 20091:15 pm

    I think that’s CP/M not DOS. Development of MS-DOS didn’t begin begin until 1981 after Microsoft bought the exclusive rights to Q-DOS. My college computer class had all brand new Heath H89’s running CP/M and the picture in the ad reminds me of those Heath computers.

  8. GaryM says: November 14, 20095:21 pm

    That definitely couldn’t have been MS-DOS. Look carefully at the screen and you’ll see the dates are in 1979. And the drive is an 8″ floppy — you could almost fit a standard magazine page into it, though it probably wouldn’t work after that.

  9. Toronto says: November 15, 20091:44 am

    I especially like the wood grain on the 8″ floppy drive. Odds are it was “pecan.”

  10. Casandro says: November 15, 20092:15 am

    It’s CP/M of course. The standard OS for such small systems.

  11. John Savard says: November 15, 20091:35 pm

    It was the January 1980 issue of BYTE. The computer was announcing “Madam: Dinner is Served”.

    In front of the computer was a champagne glass, a string of pearls, white gloves, and what appears to be a remote control unit rather than a cellphone.

    The theme of the cover was “Domesticated Computers”.

    The computer on the cover vaguely resembles a Radio Shack Model II, but is clearly different.

    The computer in the ad indeed looks like a Heathkit H89, but its disk drive was different from the one into which the magazine is being placed.

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