Exposition for Inventors Attracts 3,000 Designs (Jul, 1931)

Exposition for Inventors Attracts 3,000 Designs

A FIELD day for inventors was the International Fatent Exposition at Chicago a few weeks ago. Hopeful designers of more than 3,000 devices showed off models of their inventions. Meanwhile, prospective buyers of patents strolled through the rows of exhibits. On this page are shown some of the novelties of the show. Evidently the scheme to bring inventors and buyers together was successful, for another inventor’s exposition is planned for September.

  1. Tim says: June 11, 20087:25 am

    Just don’t wave to your friends while wearing that underarm gun!

  2. jayessell says: June 11, 200810:15 am

    I’d like to see the mechanical car parking device.
    It looks like a vending machine for toy cars!
    (Can you imagine what those vintage toys would
    be worth today?)

  3. Myles says: June 11, 200811:07 am

    The device for skaters on thin ice looks dorky. It would make for an interesting hockey game.

  4. Eliyahu says: June 11, 200812:28 pm

    Electric turn signals? Ya think that’ll ever catch on?

  5. runcible says: June 11, 20083:58 pm

    Wouldn’t it be embarassing if the robber approached from the wrong side and said “Stick ’em up?”

  6. Anne says: June 11, 20089:30 pm

    Maybe it shoots both ways, runcible? Scary thought.

  7. George says: September 6, 20086:08 pm

    “Mother of 5 paints ceiling and massacres family”

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