Exquisite Form gives you x*appeal! (Oct, 1955)

So, by inference women who own a vault full of jewels have nice breasts? I’m pretty sure that’s not always the case. Or is the implication that having nice breasts will get you a vault full of jewels?

Exquisite Form gives you x*appeal!

*x = glamour plus comfort… yours in Circl-o-form the new $2 bra with the fabulous fit!

Is this fantasy or is it real? A $2 bra that makes you look and feel like a woman who owned a vault of jewels? It’s real!

Circl-o-form is a low-cut bra with tension-free forked straps and a breathe-easy front elastic insert. It’s so comfortable . . . you hardly feel it on you. And the special circle-stitched 4-section cups actually re-shape you into rounded beauty curves; give you allure, self-confidence, X* appeal… all day long!

Junior A, A, B, and C cups … in snowy white broadcloth. Lightly padded bandeau, $2.50. Regular bandeau, $2.

Exquisite Form brassieres give you X* appeal

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  1. Charlene says: June 25, 201210:49 pm

    Exquisite Form, Inc. was about 400 years behind the times. The analogy would have made perfect sense to a reader in the Renaissance. As almost every painting of the era shows quite vividly, men liked ’em small, delicate, and girlish, not large and, as they saw it, droopy and peasant-like. Women who had a “vault of jewels” had the money to hire a wet nurse, and in addition bind themselves during and after pregnancy to keep the girls as small as possible – something the husbands were very much in favour of, if the literature and art of the time are to be believed.

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