Extension Arm for Phone Holds the Receiver (Apr, 1923)

Extension Arm for Phone Holds the Receiver

THE strain of holding a telephone receiver to the ear for long periods has attracted the attention of inventors and a new telephone instrument recently placed on the market is equipped with an extension receiver that can be adjusted and held stationary in any convenient position, thus leaving the user’s hands free.

The receiver, to which the extension is attached by means of a flexible tube, is hung from a bracket attached to the telephone stem, while a ball weight serves to keep the hook down when the instrument is not in use. When telephoning, the user lifts the weight and places it upon a bracket, thereby releasing the hook. The extension is adjusted by bending the flexible tube.

  1. Anne says: April 9, 200811:27 am

    The shape is there for a modern-ish telephone, but how long did it take for that to actually evolve?

  2. Ivar Biggin says: April 23, 200810:57 pm

    Is it just me or does this guy look like he’s having phone sex in the office?

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