Extra Cigarettes (Aug, 1945)

Alas this wouldn’t work nearly as well with filter cigarettes.

Extra Cigarettes

INSTEAD of discarding those butts save them. You can make one extra cigarette out of every three, or nine from a whole pack! After cleaning ashtray (1) trim off burned ends of butts (2) and place three in a single sheet of cigarette paper (3). Roll as you would a roll-your-own (4). Photo No. 5 shows the saving from one pack—almost 50% extra smokes plus one final butt left over. It’s all right to throw this one away if you want to. This system doesn’t require the skill needed for conventional hand rolling.

  1. cr0sh says: June 11, 20129:52 am

    Those kind of “cigarettes” would probably be some nasty smokes: That “leftover” is, more or less, the “filter” of the cigarette – plus the staleness of that smoke in the tobacco, coupled with three of them (and the final one being the new “filter”) – that just seems wrong on many levels, and I’m not a smoker! If you kept doing this with the “butts” leftover, you could get another 4 cigarettes (and two leftover butts) – and if you were real desperate, you could save those two for the next batch – the whole cycle just sounds completely nasty and wrong (from a taste perspective, which is what tobacco smoking is arguably about – arguably – right). Ugh.

  2. patrick2612 says: June 11, 20121:33 pm

    Hey, you’re not a real smoker until you’ve recycled the ashtray when the shops are closed! As an ex-smoker, I can’t imagine now how I ever did anything so disgusting (the resultant smokes tasted absolutely foul, though incredibly strong), but it shows you that the old slogan “I’d walk a mile for a Camel” grossly understates the determination of the jonesing smoker. Walk a mile? I’d have crawled it over broken glass!

  3. Hirudinea says: June 11, 20121:34 pm

    This ad seems ten years too late.

  4. Toronto says: June 11, 20122:05 pm

    It’s much better to unroll the butts and mix in some new tobacco. (Not that I’ve smoked for decades, or been a poor student for that matter.)

    A few years ago on one of my bike trips I saw a guy unrolling butts into a pipe and smoking it – that would have been REALLY nasty.

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