Extra Hours of Freedom When the NEW MAYTAG comes to the Farm (Oct, 1930)

Extra Hours of Freedom When the NEW MAYTAG comes to the Farm

TIRED muscles and frayed nerves are no longer a penalty of washday when the NEW Maytag comes. Mother is happier and sweeter… a better mother, a better wife… and many precious hours are saved each week for her profit and enjoyment.

Washing the clothes is no longer the hardest work of the farm house after the New Maytag comes. Washday changes to a pleasant hour or two. Clothes are cleaned without harmful hand-rubbing or harsh bleaching agents. They are washed by water action alone in the new Maytag one-piece, cast-aluminum tub.

Gasoline or Electric Power The Maytag is the original self-powered washer for farm homes without electricity. The Maytag Gasoline Multi-Motor is the finest, simplest washer engine built, and because of the demand more of them are built than any other single cylinder gasoline engine. Any farm home anywhere can enjoy Maytag helpfulness.

A Week’s Washing Free Write or phone the nearest dealer for a trial home washing with the NEW Maytag. If it doesn’t sell itself, don’t keep it. Divided payments you’ll never miss.

The Maytag Company
Newton, Iowa « Founded 1893
The Maytag Co., Ltd., Winnipeg

Aluminum Washer

  1. Charlene says: January 20, 201211:03 am

    Yep, those down-on-the-farm flappers in their silk dresses and pearls really needed a washing machine.

  2. Alex says: January 20, 201212:01 pm

    I saw one of these running at my local fair! Seeing how many projects of the day call for these motors it was really cool to see one in it’s original setup although it was also the first time I ever saw one of those washing machines or engines before in my life.

  3. Kosher Ham says: January 20, 20121:28 pm

    Well I’ve used a gas dryer for years.. perhaps even the electric drive motor could be replaced by gas, but how could you make it silent? Those one cylinder engines are quite loud.

  4. Alex says: January 20, 20121:52 pm

    @ kosher ham do you mean a gas engine turning the drum or gas to do the heating? I think the washer I saw had two cylinders and was indeed loud,and smokey.

  5. Nomen Nescio says: January 20, 20122:05 pm

    clothes dryers using natural gas for heating are quite common, i have one myself. using any kind of combustion engine to turn the drum… yeah, that’d get inconveniently loud i think.

  6. Alex says: January 20, 20122:15 pm

    @Nomen Nescio Well yes of course. I live in the country and as such my dryer uses propane instead of natural gas. It would be cool to have an engine turn the drum. With all of the tiny generators from China I would love to do it someday.

  7. Toronto says: January 20, 20124:02 pm

    The think I liked about Maytag motors was their step-on starter. It always made me wonder why lawn mowers didn’t have them, too, as they seemed very reliable.

  8. Hirudinea says: January 20, 20124:43 pm

    @ Charlene – What, you never seen Bonny and Clyde?

    @ Kosher Ham – I think this would be more convientent. http://www.gensetcentra…

  9. Kosher Ham says: January 21, 201212:40 pm

    That sounds similar to a kick starter used on motorcycles and scooters.

    Interesting website about the generators.

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