Eye-Stopper of the Month (Feb, 1970)

This article was published during Science and Mechanics’ brief attempt to compete with Rolling Stone. I can just see some editor saying “We need to sex this magazine up!” Of course they could have just changed the name to S&M magazine…

Eye-Stopper of the Month

We’ve been getting a lot of complaints lately, especially from parents. “When are you going to publish an Eye-Stopper who isn’t clad in a skimpy bikini?” they ask. Well here she is, gracefully demonstrating American Standard’s new Ultra Bath. The oval “bathing pool” measures 5 feet long by 42 inches wide and 16 inches deep. Our water sprite is fiddling with the automatic water level and temperature Control Console. Or maybe she’s starting up the built-in whirlpool bath jets. Just out of the photo (but who cares?) is the Deluxe Shower Tower with its twin shower heads, one for washing all of you and the other for the neck down. Available through civilized plumbers everywhere.

  1. Toronto says: February 12, 20095:11 pm

    WhenI was teh IT guy for a mid-sized plumbing distributor, one of our salesmen always tried to keep the latest Kohler woman-in-a-shower add up on his wall. Almost every time he’d put up a new one, someone would sneak in and replace it with the man-in-a-shower poster.

    Friends tell me they were among the classiest beefcake pinups around at the time.

  2. Eliyahu says: February 13, 20092:14 pm

    “…washing all of you and others for the neck down.”? It looks like their own editors were so distracted by the naked woman that they didn’t bother to proof the text. Good thing she had her back to the camera or else they’d have printed the text upside down.

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