Eye Stoppers V (Dec, 1956)

Eye Stoppers

BIGGEST CUCKOO comes out of the world’s biggest cuckoo clock every hall hour in Wiesbaden, the famous German health resort.

HEAVIEST CHESSMEN are moved by five-ton crane directed by a tape recorder “brain” in recent automation exhibition in London.

LOVABLE LOBSTER, pet of New York chef Ted Miller, on his morning stroll. Name Oscar is painted on right claw.

LIVE MAGICIAN George Grimmond is in minority; six others have died trying to snap up bullets fired at them on stage.

TRICK JOOLS are lights with tiny GE salt water-activated batteries. They burn one hour after a very quick salt bath.

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  1. Mike says: July 17, 20099:12 am

    A magician should know the only way to catch a bullet in their mouth is to practice practice practice until you get it right.

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