HOT DOG cools off with special sunshade which is secured by reflective aluminum sheet harness. Pooch hails from London.

EYEBALL POPPER is actress Sandra Giles’ fur-coated ‘T-Bird. What happens when it rains?

GENTLE SQUEEZE begets milk as fresh as any udder from unique squirt apparatus. It is located in coffee bar in merry England.

STOGIE PARKER in Holland art gallery allows pure Havana lovers to store rope, pick it up after seeing exhibit.

  1. Paul Carney says: August 20, 20097:46 am

    I guess that Ms. Giles doesn’t have to drive on many dirt roads. Another shot of Sandra and her fuzzy Ford: http://www.sandragiles….

  2. Mike says: August 20, 20098:03 am

    I am glad to know where the dog hailed from.
    Didn’t that milk dispenser appear in Clockwork Orange?

  3. Emperor MAR says: August 20, 200910:26 am

    Someone must explain this rope thing to me.

  4. Harry says: August 20, 200910:35 am

    Stogie Parker – wasn’t he one of the pioneers of Jazz?

  5. Don says: August 20, 200911:03 am

    I believe that was Stogie Carmichael.

    (“Rope” is slang for “cigar”.)

  6. Firebrand38 says: August 20, 200911:36 am

    Hoagy Carmichael I think you mean.

  7. Emperor MAR says: August 20, 200911:58 am

    Thanks Don. You can never tell with wacky old magazines like this.

  8. puff the magic says: August 20, 20095:10 pm

    Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on your link and found her and that stupid car again.

  9. Firebrand38 says: August 20, 20095:18 pm

    #8 Yeah, what a gyp! Especially since the link was described as “Another shot of Sandra and her fuzzy Ford”. Quite some nerve! Next time try not to inhale so much when you puff.

  10. Charlene says: August 20, 20096:12 pm

    Is London regularly so scorching hot that its dogs need special sunshades?

  11. Randy says: August 20, 20099:57 pm

    All Londoners carry brollies, don’t they?

  12. nlpnt says: August 20, 200910:26 pm

    What happens when it rains? The car rusts, of course! Waste of a nice T-Bird.

  13. Scott B. says: August 20, 200910:51 pm

    Haven’t you guys heard? It never rains in southern California!

    And Puff, I hear ya, man. 🙂

  14. Charlene says: August 21, 20098:49 am

    What happens when it rains?! What happens when she tries to stand up straight?

  15. George says: August 21, 20098:10 pm

    When it rains, she has her English brollie-dog sit on the roof.

  16. William Deering says: August 21, 20099:44 pm

    Emperor MAR: I’m guessing about “Havana lovers” – – -“store rope”. Back then folks would quip, “you smoking some kind of rope?” when some Havana cigars smelled like burning hemp rope. Some may even have contained some hemp; better known today as pot. Anyway, the term “rope” was used in derision for a cigar and “weed” for a cigarette (not necessarily meaning a “joint”). They must have extinguished and stored their “ropes” at the entrance in that device for later use on exit. Like kids storing smelly shoes before entering a fast-food play ground. They didn’t want you to burn the art work or someone’s wooden shoes!

  17. Firebrand38 says: August 23, 20096:03 pm

    William Deering: Oh, please! Havana cigars containing hemp? This is how guesses turn into urban legends. You over thought this one.

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