Eye-Stoppers VIII (May, 1956)


“STILTS” Lewandowski has bus directed between his 34-ft. high legs by a midget to draw attention to Ascot. England, circus.

MODERN VERSION of sawing a woman in half uses power-operated blade. Hindu Houdini and calm assistant performed in Paris.

MITEY DICTIONARY owned by Mrs. Friedman. Vancouver. Wash., has 3,300 words. Magnifying glass is used for tiny type.

TONSIL PEERING kitty takes one last look before 13-1/2 lb. black bass is mounted by Floridian Wyatt Duncan, who caught it.

BOTANICAL THIMBLE holds miniature garden for plant lover Harry Graus of New York City. Thimble holds eight different plants.

  1. Charlene says: July 6, 20124:25 pm

    Fish have tonsils?

  2. Hirudinea says: July 6, 20124:36 pm

    And here I thought cats ate fish!

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