Eye-Stoppers (Oct, 1955)

That grizzly bear chair is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.


QUAFFER EXTRAORDINARY is Auguste Maffrey, French beer-drinking champ, who slurps up about 12 quarts of suds in 52 minutes from king-sized vat. Any challengers?

GRIZZLY-BEAR chair presented to President Andrew Johnson in 1865 won’t take a chunk from your hide when you sit down, but only a man with steady nerves can relax in it

TIBETAN GHOST TRAP imprisons visitors from space, it says here. Trap at rear is for demons who bring illness.

TIPPER is tops when it comes to scaring intruders. These comic mechanical choppers give this pooch a biting look.

WINDOW LAUNCHING is key to New Yorker Joe Weckstein’s woes. He removed one to get boat from cellar.

  1. ponce says: April 24, 20083:31 am
  2. jayessell says: April 24, 20087:47 am

    How do I empty the ghost trap?
    Would I need a large Twinkie?

  3. Rick Auricchio says: April 24, 200811:04 am

    I think the dog’s phony teeth would make intruders die laughing.

    As for the guy who built the boat in his cellar without a plan for removing the finished vessel, well, he’s just dumb.

  4. Jim Devlin says: April 24, 20081:25 pm

    I wouldn’t drink 12 quarts of French beer in 52 years.

    I do hope that the bear chair maker had several nasty accidents during the testing phase.

  5. Rick Auricchio says: April 24, 20084:54 pm

    Jim, they don’t say he’s drinking French beer, just that he’s the French champion. Hopefully he’s drinking some other country’s beer…

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