Face Harness for Milady’s Beauty (Apr, 1933)

It looks like she’s wearing some sort of bondage mask.

Face Harness for Milady’s Beauty
A NEW facial harness now on the market lays claim to the ability to improve milady’s beauty. How the device is worn is illustrated in the photo at the left. Sagging chins are lifted and unbecoming wrinkles are smoothed out around the lips, cheeks and forehead, manufacturers claim. It is worn overnight, removed in morning.

  1. Zarkov says: February 26, 20089:42 am

    Looks like something out of John Willie, doesn’t it?

  2. Emily says: January 4, 200910:14 pm

    Looks like some freakish S&M space suit.

  3. Mark says: August 18, 200910:10 am

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