Fan Builds Stovepipe Telescope (Jul, 1934)

Fan Builds Stovepipe Telescope

USING a section of stovepipe for a tube, Arnold Oswald, Los Angeles amateur astronomer, has constructed a remarkably efficient reflecting telescope at a surprisingly low construction cost.

The total expense of constructing the stovepipe instrument, including the pipe, lens, reflector, tripod, counterbalance and other accessories, was slightly more than ten dollars, according to its builder.

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  1. rick s. says: May 18, 201011:46 am

    That’s about $160 in today’s dollars according to the Measuring Worth website. And it is just about what I paid for the various materials I needed to build my own 6 inch reflector scope a few years ago which fairly well resembles the one pictured here. Today, of course, you can get a fairly decent commercially made small aperture telescope for about that price. It won’t be as good as the home made 6 incher but you’ll save weeks of tedious mirror grinding, polishing and figuring. Because of this, it’s hard to find anyone still willing to build his own scope anymore. Too bad because besides getting a better quality instrument (if you’re not all thumbs) there’s a real satisfaction of having done it all yourself.


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